Adding libsodium to PHP 7.2 and 7.3 on a cPanel server

If you are on a server with WHM/cPanel, you may notice that they don't include sodium in the list of available PHP modules for PHP 7.2 and 7.3, then this [...]

Plesk Onyx Expiring Subscription

Subject: Subscription event notification: The subscription term is about to expire. The term of subscription 'domain1.com', owned by user DomainOne [...]

Using Telnet on a Secondary IP Address

In order to test to see if a remote server was blocking the main IP of a server, I had to try to make a manual connection from the secondary IP. It wasn't [...]

Manually Edit WHM’s Tweak Settings Configuration

If you wanted to change settings in WHM's Tweak Settings without having to log in to WHM,  you can edit this file directly through [...]

Mysql SUPER privileges

1227. "Access Denied; you need(at least one of) the SUPER privileges for this operation. If you get this error in mysql, you just need to give the user [...]

Change The Document Root Location of a Domain on Cpanel

By default a cpanel account will have it's domain point to /home/username/public_html but if you want to change it to point to a separate folder, you would [...]

How to install jpegoptim on a Cpanel server CentOS6 or CentOS7

What is jpegoptim? jpegoptim is a utility for optimizing JPEG files. It provides lossless optimization (based on optimizing the Huffman tables) and "lossy" [...]

WordPress Cloning Script

I made a script that seems to be able to clone wordpress sites on cpanel based servers pretty well. More work needs to be done, like it won't work for various [...]

Block Amazon AWS Traffic

I've had a few instances where there were compromised machines in the Amazon AWS environment that were connecting and trying to brute force some logins to [...]

How to SSH in to a CentOS/WHM/cPanel Server

Many of the pages on this site require you to ssh in to the server in order to make changes. Just a quick tutorial on how to do that for various operating [...]