Partial DNS resolver failure

[host.domaincom] ⚠ Partial DNS resolver failure

Resolver    State    Normal Failed Failed

If you get a message like this from cpanel/WHM, you might want to look at your /etc/resolv.conf file on the server. You would have to ssh in as root to the server to access the file. It might show something like:

# Generated by NetworkManager

In my case the was google’s resolvers which were good, but the others were my local ip addresses. Just removed those lines and then it worked and was fine.

If you aren’t sure what your resolvers should be set to, you might want to talk to your webhost, otherwise using should generally work.

If you want to disable the warning messages, log in to WHM and go to:

WHM >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager >> Notifications Tab >> DNS Resolver Performance Issue

and either change the priority or just set that option to Disabled.