How to SSH in to a CentOS/WHM/cPanel Server

Many of the pages on this site require you to ssh in to the server in order to make changes. Just a quick tutorial on how to do that for various operating systems. First you would want to locate the following information:

Port Number:

For the Hostname you can use the server’s ip address, or any domain that actually resolves to the server. It might work best if you have the server’s hostname set up just so the connection would match the certificate used for securing the connection.

For the Username, you might be able to use “root” if you have WHM/Full Server access. If you only have cpanel access then you would just use the cpanel username and password.

Then the Port Number would be 22 by default unless you changed it.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Windows doesn’t have a default application that can access ssh, so you would need to download a program like Putty or something else and use that to connect. If you grab the details listed above then fill those out when making the connection.