memcached: error while loading shared libraries:

[root@host ~]# service memcached restart
Stopping memcached: [FAILED]
Starting memcached: memcached: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Getting this error after some recent server updates on a CentOS 6 cpanel/WHM server. To fix it I ran:

[root@host ~]# /scripts/ –memcached-full
Checking connectivity… OK
debug disabled.
Checking memcached deamon…
Installing pre-reqs…
Installing memcached deamon…
Placing config files..
Running post install check…
Memcached daemon successfully installed!
cPanel found, configuring tailwatchd…
Restarting tailwatchd…
Done! Memcached added to tailwatchd.
debug disabled.
Checking memcache-php…
memcache-php not installed yet!
Installing memcache-php..
Adding the extension to the php.ini for you.
Verifying memcache-php…
ERROR: memcache-PHP was not successfully enabled into the systems PHP configuration. Check php configuration.
debug disabled.
Installing memcache-perl…
Checking memcache-perl…
Memcache-perl (Cache::Memcached::Fast) installed!

Then tried to start it but it was already running!

[root@host ~]# service memcached start
Starting memcached: memcached is already running.
[ OK ]

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