cPanel SSL Installation Error

When trying to install an SSL through cPanel itself, if you get the error:

This feature is not available to your account.

There are multiple reasons that could show up, but to fix them you would likely need access to WHM to make changes. If you can’t access WHM on your server then you may have to talk to your web hosting provider. If you do have access, check to make sure the feature manager has the correct features enabled to allow cpanel to install SSL certificates:

WHM >> Packages >> Feature Manager >> Feature Lists

Then under “Manage feature list” there you would have to select what feature list the account is using. If you only see “default” then just choose that. If you see multiple options and aren’t sure which the account is using, look up what package the account is using in the “List Accounts” section of WHM and find the package the account is on. Then go into WHM >> Packages >> Edit a Package and choose the package from there, click the edit button, then it should have the “Feature List” option there with the feature set it’s using already set.
So select that option in the Feature list section.

In the Feature List section, make sure these options are selected:

SSL Host Installer
SSL Manager
SSL/TLS Wizard

Then save that. Also if you are still in WHM you should check in WHM >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings >> System Tab >> “Allow cPanel users to install SSL Hosts.” and turn that on if it’s not on already.

After making those changes, try it out! If you still have issues, leave a comment and I could try to see if there is anything else that might be missing.

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